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  1. What are the high-performance computing clusters?

NSM provides serveral high-performance computing (HPC) clusters for Academics/Research community. These clusters consisting of hundreds of x86_64 based compute nodes configured for running large-scale calculations for research community. They are especially designed for parallel computation.

  1. How to get account on HPC cluster?
  • Get ‘User Account Creation Form’
  • Fill the relevant details.
  • Get the signatures of your Head of the Department and the ‘approving authority’.
  • You will receive an Email in your official Email ID intimating the creation of your account along with a temporary password set by the system to your account.
  1. How do I Access the HPC Cluster?
  • Using SSH in Windows: User will have to download a software package to use SSH. PuTTY is the most popular open source SSH client for Windows.
  • Using SSH in Mac or Linux : Both Mac and Linux systems provide a built-in SSH client, so there is no need to install an additional package. Simply locate and run the Terminal app. Once in the terminal, you can connect to an SSH server by typing the following command: ssh [username]@[hostname]
  1. How to recover my password?
  • Send a request for password to with details about your login.
  1. How secured is PARAM Utkarsh Cluster?
  • All the traffic flowing in/out of PARAM Utkarsh lows thru a firewall/IDS and all sessions are logged. There is regular audit done on the network and servers

6.What if, Error : Disk quota exceeded ?

  • It looks like the disc is full. Try to delete unwanted files/folders from your account. Or contact to admin for help.

 7.I get ”Disk quota exceeded” error message when trying to remove files. What can I do?

  • It looks like the disc is 100% full. Try to replace one of the files that you want to remove with an empty file by issuing the following command: echo > file, where file is the name of your file. This command will write end-of-file into the file, and its size will become 1. Now the disc has some room, and you should be able to remove all the files that you want without getting ”Disk quota exceeded” error message.

8.What if, SCP not functional ?

  • Do you have enough disk space?
  • Are you copying to the correct path?
  • Is there any entry in your .bashrc files which is generating messages?

9.What if, Error : Out of memory / segmentation fault ?

  • It is possible that the program runs out of the default memory available. Users are advised to update the ulimit using the following commands: ulimit -s unlimited . If this resolves the issue, the same commands should be added to your job script.
  • It is possible that the system resource limits on the head node are too strict to compile your programs.

10.What if, Error :ERROR : Bad Interpreter ?

  • Use the command : dos2unix

11.Can I run MS Windows applications on HPC?

  • No

12.How to Access Internet on HPC Cluster?

  • Internet is accessible on login nodes.

13.How much of the file/space quota I have used ?

  • You can use the command : lfs quota -hu /home

14.My account expired ! What should I do? Is my data gone forever?

  • No need to panic. Contact HPC Admin, through your supervisor. Renew your account. Your data can be recovered. But it is advised to kindly take regular backups of your data.

 15.Why I get a message about bad permissions

  • Probably you are trying to access, write to the files which you do not have permissions.

16.I got an email “Please do not run jobs on login nodes”

  • The login nodes are a shared resource intended for editing scripts, compiling small amounts of code and moving data about. This is enforced via process size limits – if a command on a login node runs for too long or uses too much memory, the system will kill it and send you this email.