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CDACs PARAM Supercomputing Facility ( CPSF )

The PARAM Supercomputing facility is located in C-DAC Knowledge Park centre.

Power and Cooling capacities

CPSF has following data centre features which meets most of the requirements to host HPC, Cloud Infrastructure.


Total Area – 7625 SqFt
Data Centre Area – 1800 SqFt
AHU & Electrical Room
Staging area
User Terminal room
Conference Room
UPS Capacity- 400KVA
Air Conditioning – 60 Tons
Diesel Generators – 2 x 400KVA
Adiabatic Dry Cooler – 200 KW

Data Centre Cooling technologies

The data centre designed for traditional airflow-based cooling and implement Hot or Cold aisle containment.

Direct Liquid Cooling

Traditional solutions implemented in most data centres use air as a medium to remove the heat from the servers and computing equipment and are not well suited to cutting-edge high-density HPC environments due to the limited thermal capacity of air. The replacement of air with liquid cooling medium allows to drastically improve energy-efficiency as well as the density of the implemented solution, espcially with Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) where the heat from the IT Components is directly transferred to a liquid cooling medium through liquid-cooled plates.

The PARAM UTKARSH is based on the fan-less ATOS BullSequana X1120/X1125 blade servers and relies on the water-cooled configuration.