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Enhance your Business to next level using PARAM Utkarsh

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSME ) are the backbone of the Indian economy, and many could use high performance computing (HPC) to enhance their business. However, it can be challenging for MSMEs to adopt HPC. They may have little in-house expertise, limited access to hardware, or be unable to commit resources to a potentially risky endeavor. This is where National Supercomputing Mission (NSM)  project comes in, by making it easier for MSMEs to try out their ideas for utilizing HPC to enhance their business, for example to improve product quality, reduce time to delivery, or create innovative new services.


PARAM Utkarsh is a High Performance Computing System setup at C-DAC, Bangalore under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM), Government of India. This system offers Artificial Intelligence over Machine Learning & Deep Learning frameworks, Compute and Storage as a cloud service. This leads to reduced turnaround time to market of MSMEs and Startups India, thereby increasing their innovation potential. 

PARAM Utkarsh is based on Intel Cascade Lake processor and NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU with 100Gbps infiniband non-blocking interconnect. Equipped with 50,000+ compute cores (CPU & GPU) and liquid cooling system for efficient PUE, PARAM Utkarsh offers peak computing power of 838 Teraflops.

Key features

  • HPC and storage services
  • Big data cluster services
  • Artificial Intelligence over ML/DL
  • Secured infrastructure
  • High availability, stability and reliability
  • Application Enablement
  • User support and training